Spencer Clark is a Galva resident who is a freshman at the University of Michigan. He is writing letters from college which are being published once a month in the Galva News. His latest letter is seen here.


Hey everyone, I hope all is well in Galva. Everything is good up here in Ann Arbor. Except for the football team.

The bright side is that college basketball is finally here. Although Michigan is known for its football, we actually have a very good basketball team.

We started the season on Nov. 14 with a home game against Northern Michigan. A few of my friends and I have season tickets and were pretty excited to go.

The cool thing about basketball is that the seating is first-come, first-serve so we went a little early and got to stand (you don’t ever get to sit) in the third row. It was amazing. We jumped up and down and yelled the entire game, even though it was a 97-50 blowout.

Manny Harris, our best player, had the first triple double for Michigan since 1987. He had 18 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. This win just made us eager for more and now we can’t wait for the next. Hopefully the Wildcats can follow suit and start their season off the same way the Wolverines did.

Well, mid-terms are coming up so I better get back to studying.

Have a good Thanksgiving!