There is a meme on Facebook of which I’ve seen several different versions, but it boils down to it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

There is a meme on Facebook of which I’ve seen several different versions, but it boils down to it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

It seems like a no-brainer. Sure. No one is going to charge us to be kind to one another. It’s amazing what a smile can do to lift someone’s spirits or a quick hello or even a ‘hey, how are you,’ not to mention a ‘thank you,’ when it is due.

Those things are all free.

Life is undoubtedly expensive enough so why not do something, anything that makes things better for others and comes at zero cost to you at the end of the day?

Right now I think a lot of people have forgotten the basic life rules especially the big one, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

In other words, do you want someone to treat you like garbage?


Then don’t do it to someone else.

My whole career has been an uphill battle. Being taken seriously first as a news director because Charlie Wright took a chance on me then as an editor of a weekly and now as an editor of a daily is a continual struggle.

If one isn’t assertive enough, one is quickly deemed a doormat. If one is too assertive then you get the reputation of being something else that is entirely unflattering.

Finding balance is the trick; a real trick.

For the first 22-years of my career I was a people pleaser. I often worked 12 to 15 hours a day, first dragging Nick and Hannah with me to different events then after he passed away dragging Hannah with me (how she ever got into writing, I’ll never know).

The paper had my undivided attention because I lived to work. Seven days a week. I came back to work shortly after Nick’s death, broken kneecap and all. I worked on the day of my Gramps’ visitation and his funeral. Does that make me a great person, hard worker, better?

No. It makes me silly.

I’ve been thinking about this long and hard lately.

Over the summer I had skin cancer that was fortunately caught in time and surgically removed. After that I had a blood clot, caught in time, but treated with shots to my abdomen and several months of Coumadin and blood tests. I was supposed to take a week off and rest per doctor’s orders. I had graduation and A-Town baseball playoffs to cover. I worked. I look back on that now and shake my head.

I’m not a kind person when I’m overworked. I recognize this. There is no glory in working oneself to the point of being a jerk. There’s no extra pat-on-the-back from corporate for working 60 plus hours a week. If fact it shows some inefficiency on my part.

The Argus-Sentinel, the paper where I spent the last 18 years was like a child to me after Nick’s death. I threw my heart and soul into making it the best I could possibly make it. I really lived to work.

Being older and somewhat wiser I’m not living to work anymore. I’ve got a 2 1/2 year old grandson that is the center of my world. He reminds me kindness is the way to go in this life. It is not difficult.

So much hatred is not good for a person’s soul, well being and if you don’t buy into that, it’s definitely not good for your immune system.

I was picking up a prescription the other day and the woman ahead of me started screaming at the pharmacy tech because her prescription hadn’t been called in by her doctor.

It’s not the pharmacy tech’s fault and screaming at her helps no one.

There was absolutely no reason for such unkindness. I felt horrible for this poor girl on the receiving end. She did nothing wrong.

Again, a little kindness, or in this situation, a lot of kindness goes a long way.

I had a some soul searching to do over the weekend. I also had a little pity party, did some retail therapy and came to a few decisions.

If the genes of my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ have anything to do with it, I’ve got a good 40 to 50 years left if I’m lucky. I plan to make the most of those years. I’m not losing anymore vacation days because I didn’t make the time to take it. I’m not missing out on anymore family stuff because I’m working (I was late to my cousin’s wedding because the playoff baseball game I was covering went into extra innings), I’m putting my family first.

I have to learn to rely on others which I’m not used to doing.

It’s time to work to live; no more living to work.

If you see random acts of kindness, please let me know about them so we can publish them. Don’t think anything is too small!

This world could use a little kindness and a little goes a long ways!

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