RCHS Graduate
Kristen Brian
prepares for
premiere of

Tonight Richland County

High School premieres Innocent,

a play written by

RCHS graduate Kristen Brian.

Brian has been involved in

eleven theater productions,

including being cast as the

nurse in Emma Roark’s film,

Crushed. She was inspired to

write Innocent while working

on a school project which required

her to become familiar

with legal interrogation.

“I became intrigued and

began reading more into it.

That turned into the beginnings

of Innocent,” Brian said.

She began writing the play

on November 15, 2016. It took

her nearly two weeks to write

the rough draft and over three

months to edit the script.

Brian said, “Innocent revolves

around Julianna

Richardson, a junior in high

school. She stumbles upon

the body of popular girl Lindsey

O'Dell. Through the eyes

of Julianna, the audience is

placed in the middle of Lindsey's

murder case. However,

the line between fact and fiction

is blurred when sides are

picked and the truth is distorted.”

Brian had a lot of fun engaging

her creativity as she

wrote the play. “…There's no

wrong way to write. I can

write in whatever way that I

want. There's no limits to creativity

… It still feels so surreal.

Something that I wrote

out of pure enjoyment is going

to be performed at the high

school I graduated from. I

still can't believe it … It's exhilarating

to see my show being

performed by members

of my theatre family. I'm so

thankful for everyone that

has helped with this show.”

The young writer is grateful

to all who have supported her

endeavor. Brian said, “I'd like

to thank my parents for dealing

with my ever-changing

schedule. To Emma Roark

and Mr. Ryden for editing

my script. To Ms. Fassett for

supporting me and helping

me with this project. To Mrs.

Ginder, Emma Corry, Hunter

Meritt, and the cast and crew

for having faith in my script

and in the show.”

The cast of Innocent includes:

Character Name -Actor's

Name, Julianna Richardson

- Hannah Howard, Interrogator

- Mikayla Murphy,

Lindsey O’Dell - Becca Zook,

Madelyn Fitcher - Kenzie

Stubbe, Alysee Riese - Kelsea

Jellison, Grace Newberry -

Delaney Shryock, Irla Lane -

Nyena Graves, Officer

Wranger - Colby Garrard, Officer

Jacobs - Bryce Klingler,

Mrs. Richardson - Erica

Heldenbrand, Alisha Richardson

- Emily Fitch, Laila

R i c h a r d s o n - D e A n n a

Aldridge, Police Officer 1 -

Brittany Black, Police Officer

2 - Jasmine Tharp, Alexis

McConley - Taralyn Taylor,

Jennifer Capewell - Laura

Givens, Guard - Brittany

Black, Teacher - Nyena


Innocent will be performed

at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday,

May 6 at RCHS.