The Galva City Council tabled two bids that were opened Monday night at Galva's City Council meeting for the sale of the former Windish Mill.

The Galva City Council tabled two bids that were opened Monday night at Galva's City Council meeting for the sale of the former Windish Mill.

The first bid was from Jerry Kuster of rural Galva who would pay $500 for the old building, but the city would have to remove all the asbestos from the building. Kuster would restore the building to a working mill again, and said he would have the project done in 4-6 years.

The second bid opened was from Dr. Kim Stevens, who has her veterinarian clinic next door. 

Dr. Stevens said she is going to have to do something as her building is in bad shape. She noted the City of Galva came to her and said they would tear down the old mill, and she could have the land for fair market value.  

Dr. Stevens would then begin to build her vet clinic on the grassy land next to Rux Funeral Home and then tear down her building. She estimated her entire plan could take up to 5-10 years for total completion. Dr. Stevens said she had a verbal agreement with the city on the plan.

In other council business Monday:

n Fire Chief Denny Tarleton asked the city about its plans on a new fire engine pump so that the insurance rates will not rise. The old pumper did not pass the test this year.

Mayor Rich Nordstrom said the city would put it out for bid, but Chief Tarleton noted the department has worked with Alexis Fire for years and could not ask for better service. He said Alexis picks up, delivers, loans and one on occasion when there was equipment trouble at a fire, the company was waiting at the fire station when the department returned from fighting the fire.

Tarleton said he did not know of anyone in the area that could give the department this kind of service.

City attorney Dan Alcorn said they should get quotes, but did not have to take the lowest.

n The planning commission met Aug. 15 and approved the Galva Youth Sports League building a storage shed on a lot the City of Galva owns on Southeast Eighth Avenue across from Bell Trucking. 

The city purchased the trailer-house that was in bad condition and tore it down and now the city owns the lot.

n The council then went into executive session to discuss personnel and real estate.

n When it returned from executive session, the council voted to lease the lot for 20 years to the Galva Youth Sports League for $2 per year for the league’s storage shed.

n The city received the following checks — May sales tax $17,452; May local share state use tax $5,017; July personal property replacement tax $345; July MFT $5,9854; and July video gaming tax $1,390.

n Several residents were present to voice complaints.

Gloria Wilson said the loud music from downtowns bars has caused her health concerns. Wilson said if she does not get her sleep, she gets severe migraine headaches. She noted a downtown bar had a band playing on Galva Day until 1:30 a.m.

Mayor Nordstrom said he was unaware of this, and he believed that music should only be played until midnight. The mayor will check into the matter.

The mayor added Crescent City Tap is going to have a street dance on Sept. 2 and he will check with them to see if the music can be stopped at midnight.

Wilson said if she has to leave town it costs her money, and she added some Galva residents have to get up early to go to work.

Another resident, LeAnn Parrish, also voiced concerns on several issues. Parrish said the trains through Galva are making more noise with their whistles, and added there seems to be rats in the area and wondered if they could be coming from Last Bag again.

Parrish said when the new bar and restaurant were fixing up the building, she thought it looked nice. Now she thinks it looks "trashy" with their banners hanging from the building. Parrish suggested they get signs, and added that she walks in Veterans Park and is seeing beer bottles.

Parrish also asked Mayor Nordstrom to look behind the new establishments and "they don't know how to fold boxes up to be put in the dumpster, they just throw them on the ground." She asked Mayor Nordstrom if he "can take care of it."

Another resident asked how late the bars can serve in Galva on Friday and Saturday nights, and the answer was 2 a.m.

n The City of Galva employees will do the fall clean-up of the Galva Cemetery, and all flowers and shepherd hooks must be removed or they will be discarded. Superintendent Richard Plummer said solar lights, veterans markers and decorative stones may be left on the graves.

n Council members Bev Everett and Wayde Buck were absent from the meeting.