AlWood School Board members on Monday night approved the 2017-18 budget listing $5,357,823 in revenue and $5,576,220 in expenses.

AlWood School Board members on Monday night approved the 2017-18 budget listing $5,357,823 in revenue and $5,576,220 in expenses 

This included $3,723,512 in the education fund, with $2,667,438 of that listed as salaries and the balance in benefits, and other expenses.

Fund account balances as of June 30 included general fund, $1,359,305; building fund, $236,010; transportation fund, $67,258; Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund/Social Security, $140,898; capital projects, $11,966; fire prevention and safety, $79,427; debt service, $384,720; fiduciary, $12,726; and tort, $133,464.

Superintendent Shannon Bumann told the board $300,000 was transferred this year from working cash and he doesn’t anticipate as much next year. The teachers’ contract was settled with a small increase.

“The teachers’ contract was settled at a .05 percent increase and the teachers helped us out on this,” Bumann noted, adding, “we have a balanced budget in the ed fund.”

“The big thing to look at is what the state is going to do — or not do,” Bumann said.

“We’ll do the best we can and an amendment in the spring will depend on the state,” he pointed out.

“There will be 53 wind turbines constructed and all of them will be located in the AlWood district,” said Bumann. “That’s huge, a $20 million dollar project in our back yard and a lot of people will benefit as well as our district.”

“This will provide several hundred thousand dollars the first year, and provide tax revenue as well as revenue for farmers and businesses,” he added.

The company has been great to work with, providing any road closings necessary, such as notification if it affects bus routes, Bumann said.

“The turbines are to be fully functional by May 2018; it’s a very aggressive project,” he said.

Elementary Principal Reggie Larson and Middle/High School Principal David Mills reported on school events, including the homecoming activities scheduled for next week.

The six day enrollment figure pre-K through grade 12 was listed at 375.

Three high school band members — Keegan Brown, Caden Kessinger and Jordan Francis — reported on activities, including the second place trophy won at the Warren County Prime Beef Festival in Monmouth. The band will be performing during the homecoming activities including the Sept. 28 parade.

After a closed session to discuss personnel, Shane Lindburg was approved as volunteer assistant varsity basketball coach.