The Galva School Board approved Lovewell Fencing’s bid of $44,480 for the fencing at the new outdoor athletic complex.

The Galva School Board approved Lovewell Fencing’s bid of $44,480 for the fencing at the new outdoor athletic complex.

Also at Monday (Oct. 16) night’s meeting, the board approved an additional activity account which will be the athletic complex account. People can make donations to this account if they want their donation to be earmarked for the new facility.

In other board business, the school district is in need of bus drivers. If anyone is interested, please call Travis Spivey at the bus garage (932-3200) as the district has immediate openings.

The board approved the following employment items:

 Approved Randall "Pup" Dennison as volunteer for boys basketball.

 Approved Drew Cotton as JV boys basketball coach.

 Acknowledged the intent to retire has been received from teachers Carol Kitterman and Linda Jacobson effective end of 2020-21 school year.

Cory Cowan, an accountant with Gorenz and Associates, was present and went over the school audit.

Galva School District has been financially recognized for the 14th year. Cowan said there are not many school districts that have a surplus of the 84 that his company audits.

He noted that Galva gets 56 percent of its operating revenue from real estate taxes, eight percent from federal sources, 22 percent in state aid, six percent from other state sources and eight percent from other local revenue.

The 2017 operating expenditures are 70 percent in salaries and benefits, 12 percent in tuition and other objects, eight percent in purchased services, seven percent supplies and materials and three percent capital outlay. The operating expenses stayed consistent.

It was noted that Galva School District has had two years of deficit spending.

Galva's attendance has had a 25 percent drop since 2008 when the district had 587 students. In 2017, there are 477 students.

Galva's cost per pupil is $10,126 while the state average is $12,354.

The assessed valuation was $42,985,206 in 2008 and $76,551,827 in 2017.

The tax rate has almost remained the same — $4.7315 in 2008 and $4.7077 in 2017.

The operating fund balance was at its lowest in 2010 of $2,336,765 and was $4,064,031 in 2017.

The entire budget is on file in the superintendent’s office if anyone is interested in more details.

Board members Laura Heinrich, John VanDeVelde and Mike Clucas were absent from the meeting.


Board honors Whitford

Superintendent Doug O'Riley read the following commendation at Monday night’s Galva School Board meeting.

"It is my honor and privilege to recognize and commend all-conference golfer Elizabeth Whitford for her score of 184 and 67th place finish in the 2017 Girls Class 1A State Golf Championship in Decatur. Her dedication and drive throughout the season resulted in a score of 94 and second-place finish in the Putnam County Regional and a score of 84 and sixth-place finish in the Metamora Sectional. 

Elizabeth has been the anchor of a Mid-County girls golf team that has seen team numbers waver over her three years at Galva High School.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth has dedicated her time and energy to ensure that the Mid-County girls team is represented in team and individual events throughout the season.

We are very proud of our athletics here at Galva Junior/Senior High and Elizabeth is a special athlete. Her success is shared by all of us and we wish her years of continued success in the future.”


Board thanks QC 

Roof Doctors, Wethersfield

(Ed. note — This commendation did not appear in the paper’s story on the September Galva School Board meeting.)

Galva School Board president Andrew Larson made the following commendation at the September meeting.

"On behalf of the Galva School Board of Education, I would like to thank QC Roof Doctors, Inc. of Moline for contributing $50 from each roof the company recently repaired in Galva. In total $2,150 was donated, and will be utilized for the purchase of a new timing system. We are thankful for business partnerships.

Additionally, I would like to thank Wethersfield School District for donating a slightly used high jump landing system. A new system would cost several thousand dollars. The pads are royal blue, and will match the colors of the freshly painted track.

The board is particularly thankful that a neighbor, and athletic competitor, recognized the shared mission we have to provide better and safer opportunities for students whether they live in our district or theirs."