The Galva School Board has not set its tax rate yet as the state is still unsure of a tax freeze.

The Galva School Board has not set its tax rate yet as the state is still unsure of a tax freeze.  

The present tax rate is $2.70 per $100 of assessed valuation. The board voted on a motion Monday night to lower the rate to $2.54, but the motion was defeated with a 4-2 vote. Those voting against the motion were Darcy Jeffries, John VanDeVelde, Gary Edmonds and Andrew Larson. Those in favor were Mike Clucas and Dr. Jeff Hawes.

The House of Representatives has passed a freeze on taxes, but the Senate has not voted on the measure yet. If the freeze is approved, then the question must go on the local ballot to freeze the taxes. This will only be for Social Security, IMRF and Lease accounts.  

The board needs to spend down the accounts, but is afraid that they could be short if the freeze goes into effect and they could not generate the needed money for those accounts.

The board must have a tax rate so they can pass the tax levy by the Dec. 18 meeting.

The Galva board will have a special meeting at 7:30 a.m. Nov. 30 to pass a tax rate.

The district report card was presented and a few facts noted were 52 percent of the Galva district is low income; there is 94 percent student attendance, with three percent student truancy; and Galva has 38 teachers, with 35 percent having their master’s degree.

It noted the average salary for Galva teachers is $45,607, with the state average at $60,000. The administrative salaries for Galva averages $90,000. There is $9,041 spent per student, with the state average of $12,000 spent per student. Sixty-eight percent of Galva’s graduating students go to college.

In the elementary school, 33 percent of the students have more than 10 absences.

The Class of 2018 has 88 percent of the class presently taking college courses.

In other business, several board members who attended the IASB Conference reported on topics that sparked an interest.

Mike Clucas said he attended a seminar and learned there was a phone app that students could report bullying and violence immediately. Superintendent Doug O'Riley reported he attended a seminar on doing drills for students, both while outside as well as in the lunchroom.

The new lights have been installed in the high school gym and the elementary gym is next. 

It was also reported that the sports programs are utilizing the Armory gym for practices.

Clucas said he was interested in checking with neighboring districts regarding a possible co-op of home economics courses.

The board approved the following employment items:

n Acknowledged the resignation of Ryan Main as junior high baseball coach.

n Approved Shaun Robinson as paraprofessional at the high school, Christa Charlton as math teacher for second semester and Sarah Townsend as a volunteer for junior high volleyball.


Band, cross country 

runners recognized

Principal Jerry Becker read two commendations at Monday night’s school board meeting.

Galva Junior/Senior High School Band — "It is my honor and privilege to recognize and commend Joe Angelo and the Galva Junior/ Senior High School Marching Wildcats for a highly successful marching band season.

The band has marched in the Hog Days and Homecoming Parade this year, and performed their halftime show at two home football games at ROWVA. 

The on-field show, led by Drum Major Megan Nordstrom (who is currently in New York), was performed at the Rock Island High School Band Showcase this year. 

 Finally, the Marching Wildcats placed fifth in the Class 1A Division at the Western Illinois Band Competition and the percussion section won the Best Percussion Caption Award.

I am very proud of our Galva Junior/Senior High Band and the leadership of Joe Angelo.  There are still plenty of  opportunities to see our band in action at basketball games, concerts, and shows held throughout the community.  We look forward to the high quality of music in the future from our Junior/Senior High Band."

Mid-County Cross Country — "It is my honor and privilege to recognize and commend Coach Valerie Furrow and Assistant Coach Chris Johnson, as well as the members and families of the 2017 Mid-County cross country team for their many accomplishments during this cross country season.  

Their dedication and drive throughout the season resulted in a boys Lincoln Trail Conference championship.  

The team ran to a first place finish at the Rockridge Invitational, fifth place finish at the Rock Falls Regional meet and 15th place finish at the Oregon Sectionals. In addition to team honors, Caelin Foley and Lorin Peterson made the Lincoln Trail All-Conference team, along with Lauren Hawes from the Mid-County girls team.

We are very proud of our athletics here at Galva Junior/Senior High and our partnership with our ROWVA and Williamsfield teammates. This was truly a special group of student athletes this year.  Their success was shared by all of us and we wish them years of continued success in the future."