The trial for Quenton D. Whiteside, 25, of Galva began Monday before Judge Terry Patton.

The trial for Quenton D. Whiteside, 25, of Galva began Monday before Judge Terry Patton.

According to court records, Whiteside, Jamar T. Whiteside, 22, and Caine D. Ingram, 19, allegedly stabbed Michael W. Palmer, 20, of Burlington, Iowa, and struck him with an axe handle on April 17 at a Galva home. Palmer suffered significant injuries including multiple skull fractures and multiple stab wounds puncturing his lung and lacerating his liver.

A jury of 12 with two alternates was selected. State’s Attorney Matthew Schutte and Chief Public Defender James Cosby gave opening statements, and a portion of the State’s evidence was admitted.

On Tuesday the jury heard from Trooper Garrett Tasker of the Illinois State Police Trooper crime services unit.

State’s Attorney Schutte admitted 95 photos taken from the scene.

Trooper Tasker described several rooms in the home as having items with “blood-like” stains on them. Those items included an axe handle, a purple-flowered blanket, a television, a living-room couch and loveseat, a door frame, coffee table, walls, a living room window, curtains, video game controller, a ceiling, a shower curtain and a light-blue T-shirt.

Also found in the house, according to Trooper Tasker, were bits of broken teeth. An air-soft gun was found inside a kitchen drawer and a container of .177 caliber BBs were found in an upstairs bedroom. In addition, a bottle of bleach with blood-like stains and without its cap was found on the kitchen counter near the sink. A necklace chain was found on stairs leading to the basement.

Trooper Tasker said there were “easily hundreds” of blood-like stains documented, with 15 areas actually tested. He added he was dispatched to the Galva home at 6:55 a.m. on April 15 and arrived at 8:15. He said he began taking pictures at around 11:45 a.m. until late afternoon.

Trooper Tasker said he was told a man was found at the bottom of the basement stairs wrapped in a blanket.

The trial continued Wednesday morning.


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