The Galva City Council approved its tax levy in the amount of $578,563, which is $126 more than last year’s levy of $578,437.

The Galva City Council approved its tax levy in the amount of  $578,563, which is $126 more than last year’s levy of $578,437.

In other council business Monday night:

 Rayna Shappard was present and told the city council she was responsible for the gazebo vandalism in Wiley Park. 

"I am sorry and I ask for your forgiveness. I know I need to make better choices in the future," Shappard said. 

Because of the vandalism, she needs to perform community service and asked the council what she could do to fulfill that requirement. 

Mayor Rich Nordstrom told Shappard he hopes she goes down a better path in the future and they will all be rooting for her.

Mayor Nordstrom said the council and Police Chief Kraig Townsend will talk and let her know of some community service project that she can do over Christmas vacation.

 The council approved an ordinance to purchase the new pumper for the fire truck. The new pumper will pump 1,000 gallons per minute.

The price of the pumper is $65,740, with a general fund contribution of $5,840, which leaves a balance of $59,900.    

The payment schedule will be $13,477 which is principal and interest to be paid on Oct. 1, 2018, and continue each October through 2022.

 The council passed its state mandated sexual harassment ordinance.

 The following checks were received: State of Illinois October/November personal property replacement tax check for $1,350.66.

November MFT check for $5,830.

September sales tax check, $19,777,53

 An  executive session was cancelled due to the absence of Attorney Dan Alcorn.

 Council members Bev Everett, Wayde Buck and Dwren Boston were absent from Monday night’s meeting. Mayor Nordstrom voted at the meeting due to the absence of the three aldermen.