The Edwards County Lions jumped out to an early lead over the North Clay Cardinal en route to a 70-39 win.

The Lions held a 17-7 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The Cardinals got field goal by Bryce Walker and Reese Blank to start the quarter.  Bryce Holkenbrink hit a three pointer at the end of the period.

The Cardinals put up seven points again in the second quarter while Edwards County took a 33-14 lead to the locker room.

The Cardinals got field goals by Holkenbrink and Brandon Repking.  Walker hit 1-2 at the line and Kyle McKnelly was 2-4 in the quarter.

The lead grew for the Lions in the third quarter.  The Cardinals were outscored13-8 in the quarter.

Blank had a field goal and a three-point play.  Repking chipped in with a traditional three pointer.

The fourth quarter was the most prolific period for the Cardinals as they put in 17 points.

Repking had nine points with a pair of three pointers, a field goal and a free throw.  Ian Bailey had a three pointer and a free throw for four points.  Lane Holkenbrink made 1-2 at the line and a field goal for three points and Chris Linder was 1-2 at the line.

Edwards Co. 70, North Clay 39

North Clay (39) B. Holkenbrink 1-1-0-5; Repking 2-3-1-14; Walker 1-0-1-3; McKnelly 0-0-2-2; Blank 3-0-1-7; Jones 0-0-0-0; Smith 0-0-0-0; Fleener 0-0-0-0; L. Holkenbrink 1-0-1-3; Rinehart 0-0-0-0; Crull 0-0-0-0; Bailey 0-1-1-4; Linder 0-0-1-1; Totals 8-5-8-39.

Edwards Co. (70) Wiseman 0-0-3-3; Clodfelter 0-0-1-1; Schnicker 0-1-2-5; Brake 0-2-0-6; Wallace 2-1-1-8; Cowger 0-1-0-3; Columbia 3-1-0-9; Rivers 2-1-1-8; M. Schmittler 2-0-3-7; N. Schmittler 9-0-0-18; Rotramel 1-0-0-2; Totals 19-7-11-70.

A blank second quarter cost the Cardinals’ JV team in the opening game of the night.

The Cardinals were down by two points at the end of the first quarter, 7-5.

Trey Smith and Tyson Jones each had two points in the quarter.  Jones got his from the field while Smith hit a pair of free throws.  Ian Bailey was also 1-2 at the line.

In the second quarter, the Cardinals were unable to get a shot to fall while the Lions were putting up 17 points to take a 24-5 lead to halftime.

The Cardinals were able to cut the lead down in the third quarter by outscoring the Lions 12-6 in the period.

Bailey had a pair of field goals for four points.  Jones and Luke Fleener each had three points with Jones getting a field goal and a free throw.  Fleener connected from beyond the arc.  Smith tossed in a field goal.

The Cardinals had another quarter in the final period as they scored 18 points.

Jones had a three pointer and 5-6 at the free throw line.  Aleon Rinehart got two free throws and a field goal.  Smith, Coy Crull and Bailey each had a field goal.

But the 19 points scored by the Lions were enough to hold on for a 42-35 win.

Edwards Co. 42, North Clay 35

North Clay (35) Jones 1-1-8-13; Fleener 0-1-0-3; Holkenbrink 0-0-0-0; Rinehart 1-0-2-4; Smith 3-0-0-6; Crull 1-0-0-2; Bailey 3-0-1-7; Totals 9-2-11-35.

Edwards Co. (42) Grimes 0-0-0-0; Medler 0-0-0-0; Hortin 0-0-0-0; Brock 0-0-0-0; Wiseman 0-0-2-2; Clodfelter 1-1-7-12; Peach 0-0-0-0; Cowger 0-1-2-5; Linder 0-0-0-0; Rivers 6-0-7-19; Greathouse 0-0-0-0; Rotramel 2-0-0-4; Totals 9-2-18-42.