With more snowfall than usual for southern Illinois, residents have been able to take part in typical winter activities such as sledding and making snowmen. One Carbondale man got particularly creative and decided to create several snow structures. Nathan Harris constructed a lion and sheep, along with a wolf and fallen sheep, after the first snowfall. He started constructing the lion on Dec. 7 and it took him more than 16 hours to finish. Two days later, he constructed the wolf and fallen sheep, which took him six hours to complete. “My favorite part of the sculpture was the process involved,” he said. “I love the snow, so for me, snowfall is the beginning of the creation's life. From there, I get an idea of the image I would like to create, followed with some minor planning.” Harris began constructing with a block form, a general placement of snow blocks to fit the size of the piece. After that, he started etching general details where he planned to remove large portions of snow to create a roughly etched sculpture. After the etchings and removal, he started rounding out the surface to make all edges smooth. Then, he started working in detailed sections of the body and gradually work towards a more refined, finely detailed image. “It is fun getting out here,” he said. “You have your own artist corner. All kinds of thoughts go through your head.” Harris said he chose to depict these particular animals for a reason. He said this was a combination of realistic and abstract sculpture. His goal being able to portray the separation between good and evil. “The grand lion, God, is joined by eleven sheep representing the disciples,” he explained. “The lamb, symbolizing baby Jesus, lays vulnerable and exposed at the base of the lion, the protector of the world around. The path strays to the foot of the wolf, the Devil. At the base of the evil wolf lies the dead body of the wandering sheep, representing Judas. The wolf proudly howls into the night, claiming its prey. The lion proudly glares outward, reflecting unsurpassed confidence and invincible strength. “Though one sheep is dead, the lion steadily looks past the evil and through the future. The fate of each is in the hands of the individual. When in His presence, the light will reflect the truth. When in wander, the eyes will watch over, but the victim is prone to the repercussions of free will. Stand in the presence and be protected — walk alone and fall prey.” Recently, Harris recycled the other sculptures and decided to construct Queen Elizabeth II. He said that this was the most difficult piece he has worked on due to the nature of the piece and the conditions of the snow. Harris said he has been interested in art and sculpting from a young age. He said that the snow reminds him a lot of childhood.