MACOMB — Representatives of the City of Macomb, Macomb Beautiful Association and Macomb Woman’s Club gathered at the northeast corner of the downtown square to commemorate the planting of trees on each of the parking lot islands, as well as on the county courthouse lawn.
From the contributions of the two groups, four Accolade hybrid elms and two Commemoration sugar maples were planted. The four elms were placed on the island, and the two sugar maples were planted by the courthouse. According to City Forester Skip Bowles, the Accolade elms are resistant to Dutch elm disease, as well as resistant to damage from salt.
Mayor Mike Inman noted to attendees that is important considering how snow plowing is done around the square. Bowles also said the sugar maples by the courthouse will grow and continue to provide shade areas as the currently established mature crab apples start to decline.
Other plants or shrubs will be added at a later date as appropriate by planting season.
Rosemary Aten, past president of Macomb Beautiful Association said the organization appreciates the hard work done by all during the Downtown Revitalization Project’s first phase.
Brenda Allison, president-elect of the Macomb Woman’s Club, said their tree contribution is meant to add to the beautification of the city and to give community support.
“Planting trees and flowers contributes to the quality of life for everyone in the community,” said Macomb Woman’s Club Treasurer Carol Sims.

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