MACOMB — From the gazebo in Chandler Park on Saturday, Mayor Mike Inman spoke at the Flags of Love 40th anniversary ceremony, recognizing three original members of this community project.
Leland Tweed Mummert, Robert Anstine and William Wayland were honored each with a framed certificate of recognition.
Inman said the Flags of Love project was initiated by Kay Ruggles, who owned the K&D dress shop in Macomb. “She saw a very similar project in Mount Pleasant, Iowa,” Inman continued, “as former mayor Bob Anstine told me, she came back determined to make this project happen.”
“The original goal was 100 flags and attempted to get folks to commit to this project by donating flags in memory of their deceased veteran loved ones,” Inman said.
The project has exceeded its original goal with 852 flags “dedicated in memory of veterans from Macomb and McDonough County,” he said.
Addressing the honorees, Inman expressed appreciation on behalf of the community for Flags of Love.
“This is something that people all across Midwest talk about, it’s what makes Macomb special, makes us notable not only in our community amongst our peers, but many folks come here on a regular basis to enjoy your original idea and the fruits of your labor.”
The flags in Chandler Park were taken down following the recognition ceremony.

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