MACOMB — Hundreds of students were joined by their families in displaying their science projects at the 24th Annual Edison School Science Fair on Thursday.
“The science fair is an opportunity for students to show what they have been working on,” said Marcy Lantz, a sixth grade teacher at Edison Elementary School.
She told the Voice, “The science fair is open to all students – fourth through sixth grade – and is a requirement for sixth grade students. So, all 122 sixth grade students have done a project.”
She said there were 80 projects from fourth and fifth grade students.
The sixth grade students have been working on their projects for six weeks.
“Predominately, all of these projects are done at home. We do have a system of checks and balances to make sure they’re doing project (within acceptable guidelines),” Lantz said.
Although the Edison Elementary School annual science fair is not a juried competition, Lantz said, “We do give out ‘Excellence in Science Fair Awards’ to some of those projects that go above and beyond (expectations).”
“It’s more about the kids learning the scientific inquiry process than about competition,” she said.
Explaining the criteria for ascertaining if a student’s science project goes “above and beyond” expectations, Lantz said “Some of them are just unique ideas that are ones we’ve never seen before or project ideas that students have put in extra effort as far as their display board; how they collected their data.” She added that awarded science projects are “most often ideas that are more scientifically advanced.”
“The students get a great knowledge of the scientific inquiry process, which is a basis for scientific thinking from now until high school and beyond,” Lantz said. “So, we’re building that foundation in science to be life-long learners for the students.”

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