Here it is Saturday, the eve of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve, for me, is one of the most wonderful days of the year.

Here it is Saturday, the eve of Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve, for me, is one of the most wonderful days of the year.


Actually, the two days before Christmas are my favorites during the Christmas season.


Generally, I’m not over-the-top chipper. Most likely that adjective has never been used to describe me, but there is something about these two previously mentioned days that put me in an enormously great mood.


I love how everything feels better, brighter, less stressful. Knowing I haven’t started my wrapping (and there is a lot to wrap) doesn’t bring me down. It will get done. It always does.


I haven’t purchased (as I write this) groceries for Christmas, either, but I’m not worried. It will be fine.


Some are probably wondering if an anonymous person stepped in to write this particular column for me. Nope. It’s all me.


I absolutely take in some of the Christmas magic that floats around this time of year.


I’ve always loved Christmas, but now that Sawyer J. is here it is so much fun!


A week ago I started my cybershopping. Sawyer was spending the night, saw me on the computer and climbed in my recliner with me. I was in the midst of looking for clothes for him.


He told me, “I like dese (these) shirts, Mae Mae.”


“Do you like the color?”


“No, not dis (this) one.”


So, I let him pick out the colors of the clothes. 


He was pretty pleased with himself, but I had to ask, “How do you know these are for you?”


He looked at me, smiled, shook his head and said, “MaeMae…”


The implication was I knew he knew and he knew I knew so let’s not play games.


I’m hardcore when it comes to waiting to open gifts until Christmas morning. No exceptions, but a few years ago I decided we should start getting new pajamas and open those on Christmas Eve. The hope was it would satiate some of the folks who keep bugging me about opening presents (I’m looking at you Kid 1 and Hubs).


This year, Sawyer was still in the mood to shop so I let him pick out PJs for us.


I asked him, “Do you think Mommy will like this?”


“Yeah. Dis for daddy?”




He picked out ours, too.


Sawyer definitely cracks me up all the while amazing me with how fast he is learning things on a daily basis now.


When I was a kid, I would go to my grandparents’ Christmas Eve to ‘help’ my Gram with different things. In reality she did all the work and frankly, at my age now, I have no idea how she managed to do pretty much EVERYTHING when it came to holiday meals. We had so much food we could eat for days. Her pies cannot be replicated (I know, I’ve tried). She didn’t use recipes so there’s nothing written down, but even if I had the exact recipe she used, I don’t think I could do it justice. The crusts were homemade and she generally made enough pies to satisfy everyone’s varying requests.


My brother, Ryan, and I love my Great-Aunt Polly’s recipe for egg nog. That recipe is written down. Every year Gram would make a quart (sans alcohol) for my brother and me and another quart (with alcohol) for the adults. One year, Ryan and I got in the wrong one. We weren’t old enough to want to sneak alcohol. It was purely an accident. I saw my Gram last week and mentioned that to her, not sure if she would remember, “Oh yes. That was something,” she chuckled.


I used to be really sad my Christmases aren’t the same as when I was a kid. Gramps is gone. No more huge family gatherings wondering what’s inside of the beautifully wrapped packages waiting beneath the Christmas Tree. But, I came to the realization it is okay to miss those times, but I also need to remember them all the while creating new Christmas memories with my family.


No matter which day is your favorite, take in the season and make beautiful memories!


On this eve of Christmas Eve I hope everyone has a wonderful Merry Christmas!