By Paul Westermeyer
Staff Reporter
    After a vehicle was reported to Pontiac Police Wednesday afternoon as driving erratically toward the city, the local driver exited his vehicle at a bar and attempted, unsuccessfully, to elude the police on foot before he was tased and taken into custody.
    PPD Maj. Dan Davis additionally noted that the suspect, Travis Crane, escaped his vehicle while holding an open beer.
    Crane, 33, was charged by police driving while under the influence, driving under the influence on a suspended or revoked license and resisting arrest. Due to his alleged attempt to flee with an open brew, Davis added he was additionally charged with improper transportation of alcohol.
    Davis said that at 2:27 p.m. Wednesday, a white 2005 Ford Mustang was reported to Pontiac Police as driving recklessly on Route 23 approaching the city limits of Pontiac. The police observed the vehicle driving on Ladd Street as it approached the intersection of Ladd and Howard streets. Once alerted to police presence, the driver purportedly maneuvered quickly into the back parking lot of PJ’s Pub.
    Once his vehicle came to a stop, the driver attempted to evade capture on foot with an open alcoholic beverage; however, he was very quickly taken into custody following a short pursuit and the subsequent usage of a taser, Davis said. When Crane appeared in Judge Jennifer Bauknecht’s courtroom Thursday morning, he was arraigned on two counts of aggravated DUI, a Class 2 felony.
    The judge found Livingston County State’s Attorney Randy Yedinak’s argument that the suspect be detained persuasive, and bond was set at $50,000. Crane was remanded to the custody of Livingston County Sheriff Tony Childress.
    Thursday marked Crane’s second time in court this week: on Monday, he appeared before a judge relating to a 2015 charge of domestic battery and possession of a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty that December and was sentenced to 180 days imprisonment, 59 of which he served, and 30 months court supervision.
    However, earlier this November, a motion was made to revoke Crane’s supervision after a report was made to the state’s attorney from Livingston County Probation.
    In June, Crane was arrested for driving while under the influence in Woodford County. He pleaded guilty in September and was sentenced to 24 months supervision and fines in October.
    A pre-sentence investigation report was filed in November in Livingston County and a re-sentencing was scheduled Monday in Bauknecht’s courtroom. At the sentencing, Crane’s probation was terminated unsuccessfully due to his Woodford County conviction; however, the judge declined the prosecution’s request for a re-sentencing.
    When reached for comment, Yedinak said that depending on the outcome of the more recent case involving Crane, his office could again seek revisiting the 2015 charges against him.