There are as many ways to hand out Christmas presents as there are presents.

There are as many ways to hand out Christmas presents as there are presents.


Some people open their packages on Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day. Others do it Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, some do it Christmas morning or afternoon or evening and some do it in January.


The Ledger spoke to a number of fourth graders in Canton to find out just how they and their families handled one of the most important events of the season.




The family of Raylene, 9, opens their presents Christmas morning.


Everybody has to be up, and they usually go through their Christmas stockings before going for the presents.


Mom and dad pass out the gifts, but they have to wait until all the packages are passed out.


And everyone helps clean up, putting the used wrapping paper in a garbage bag.


Christmas morning is also the time when Madeline, 9, and her family open presents.


Once again, the entire family has to be up and the stockings are the first things to be opened.


Madeline says she is usually the one who hands out the gifts and everyone has to wait until they are all distributed.


And clean up duty goes to dad, who brings in the garbage bag and everyone puts their paper in as they go.


For Jesse, 9, Christmas morning is when the presents are unwrapped and everyone has to be there, which means they have to wait until relatives arrive from other places.


Each person takes his or her own presents from under the tree and opens them, although they have to wait until grandma gets out her camera.


And while Jesse is the one who mostly cleans up, the family has a snowball fight with the wrapping paper before it’s put in a garbage bag.




Presents are not opened until everyone is up at Madelyn’s house on Christmas Day.


Stockings are opened first at the 9-year-old’s home, and the family opens the gifts one at a time while her grandfather passes them out.


And most of the time Madelyn finds herself cleaning up, although sometimes her 3-year-old brother Mason helps.


Ten-year-old Luca opens Christmas presents on Christmas Day after everyone is up.


Presents come before the stockings and Luca finds himself passing out the gifts, which the family members usually wait to open until everyone has theirs.


And the entire family helps in the clean up.


Emily, also 10, and her family open their gifts on Christmas morning, waiting until everyone is up before the unwrapping begins.


Presents always come before the stockings.


The answer to who hands out the presents and who cleans up the mess afterwards is the same — “Me.” And that’s because her brothers make her do it.


Everyone must be up on Christmas morning before presents are open at the home of Andrew, 10.


Stockings are opened first and then mom hands out the packages.


And everybody cleans up.




Ethan had to think about being 10 but he was sure presents are opened on Christmas Day after everyone is up.


Stockings are opened first and then everyone just grabs the presents with their names on them, with no one really handing them out. “It’s kind of chaotic,” he said.


And for the clean up, sometimes it’s Ethan and his mom.


Anna Sophia, 10 (“Um, I’m not sure, I just had a birthday.), said presents are opened on Christmas morning at her mother’s and then the weekend after Christmas she goes to her father’s.


Anna Sophia is usually the first one up Christmas morning, waking her mother and sister. The stockings are done first, and then mom hands out the presents. At her father’s, however, everyone just grabs their packages.


And who cleans everything up?


“I think we just leave a mess,” Anna Sophia admitted. “Maybe mom cleans it up the next day.”


Nine-year-old Lakon’s brothers first jump on their mother’s bed and then get him up on Christmas morning and then everyone grabs their stockings.


Lakon’s mother lets everyone pick out their own wrapping paper for their gifts, which are then placed in separate color coded piles, and everyone helps themselves.


And all the used wrapping paper goes into a trash bag.


Nine-year-old Izzy is the first up on Christmas morning, walking everyone else.


“I’m pretty excited,” Izzy said.


The presents come before the stockings, with mom handing out the packages and cleaning up afterwards.