A new member to the Woodhull Police Department was sworn in Monday (Jan. 8) night.

A new member to the Woodhull Police Department was sworn in Monday (Jan. 8) night.

KC, a Dutch Shepherd breed 4-year-old female dog, was added to the department as a K9 member, and has been successfully trained in San Antonio, Texas, where she was accompanied by Police Department Chief Chad Hillier. 

KC took a Narcotics Detection test late last week for the State of Illinois and was on duty in and around Woodhull last Friday (Jan. 12) night.

KC's story includes being rescued by the Haley Graves Foundation from an abusive/neglectful home in North Carolina. She was in a dirty, malnourished state when rescued.

Her characteristics were such that the Foundation reached out to Universal K-9 who tested KC to see if she “had what it takes” to be a police K-9.

A successful battery of tests led to KC going to San Antonio for six weeks of training as a Dual Purpose Narcotics Detection dog.

"KC and I were paired on Dec. 11 and have successfully completed training and returned to Illinois," Chief Hillier said.

Since the K-9 program is not a budgeted item and exists solely on donations, the K-9 handler course was paid by Hiller's GI bill, and KC was awarded to him at the end of the course.

Food, equipment and needed items have been purchased with money donated from T-shirt and stuffed puppy sales.

In addition, KC has a "Buddy Bag" with equipment necessary to meet her needs. This includes a cooling vest, protective eye wear, a breathing apparatus, medical supplies that may be needed, as well as other supplies. The cost of this item was through donation.

Village Clerk Jacki Beck did the swearing in for KC's ceremony, and the dog received a certificate with her “paw” print, as well as her own police badge.

As an example, Chad Hillier took KC around the village community room, and the dog ultimately situated herself next to a cupboard that contained a small amount of marijuana. The substance was placed in the cupboard earlier at a time when KC was not in the building.

Information supplied included each and every one of these amazing animals, along with their partner, provide vital protection to the general public. 

She was well accepted by all board members and others at the meeting.