The Galva City Council passed a resolution Monday night supporting the half-cent sales tax for public safety in Henry County that will go toward dispatching expenses.

The Galva City Council passed a resolution Monday night supporting the half-cent sales tax for public safety in Henry County that will go toward dispatching expenses. 

If the tax does not pass when Henry County voters cast their ballots March 20, every town in Henry County that has its own police protection —  with the exception of Geneseo and Kewanee who have their own dispatchers — will have to pay a fee to Henry County. Galva’s dispatch fees will be $80,320.

The half-cent sales tax impacts everyone who spends money in Henry County, not just the residents.

The city council’s resolution stated, "If this is not passed and we have to pay, Galva is going to have to make some big changes. Galva should support this. Everyone is encouraged to get out to the polls on March 20."

Police Chief Kraig Townsend said Henry County is the only county in this area that is not getting dispatch fees.

In other council business Monday night:

The council raised grave digging fees at the Galva Cemetery. 

The price hikes are — adult or child on weekdays, $275 to $416; adult or child on Saturdays, $325 to $487; adult or child on Sundays, $400 to $487; adult or child on holidays, $425 to $832; infant, ashes or stillborn on weekdays, $150 to $230; infant, ashes or stillborn on Saturdays, $200 to $275; infant, ashes or stillborn on Sundays, $275 remains the same; infant, ashes or stillborn on holidays, $300 to $460; move a casket in the Galva Cemetery, $700 to $1,050; move an urn in Galva Cemetery, $350 to $550; casket prep to move to a new cemetery, $700 to $1,050; urn prep to move to a new cemetery, $350 to $550

Other fees may apply for outside vendor help in moving a casket or urn.

The new rates go into effect March 15.

It was reported to resurface the roads at the Galva Cemetery, the costs will be — one coat of chips, $42,300; two coats of chips, $74,820; asphalt, $241,560.

n The council appropriated $300,000 for the 2018 street repairs. The appropriation includes the third year for streets in the southwest portion of the city, and the start of some streets in the northwest section.

Those voting in favor of the motor fuel tax resolution were aldermen Jim Hartman, Bev Everett, Wayde Buck and Dwren Boston. Second ward alderman Rich Volkert cast the no vote.

The city is only getting about $70,000 per year in motor fuel tax monies.

As of Jan. 1, Galva is getting the telephone tax for all residents who live in Galva. This tax is for everyone who has either a cell phone, home or business phone. The Galva council had earmarked this tax for streets. The first check will come in April for the months of January, February and March.

n Second ward alderman Jim Hartman asked  when the building owned by BJ Cornwall on Market Street would have its front fixed.

Hartman said he would like to see it repaired before Memorial Day, and noted the sidewalk is barricaded with police tape after bricks had fallen from the top. 

Hartman doesn't want it to sit like other buildings have in the past.

n The council unanimously passed the Mediacom franchise ordinance with a three percent gross revenue.

n The tree ordinance was unanimously amended with some language changes which were required by Tree City USA. 

Galva has earned the Tree City USA designation for 32 years.

n An update on the quiet zone for Galva was tabled.

Rich Volkert asked all of the aldermen to take a field trip and look at the crossings.

n The Galva Cemetery spring cleanup will be held March 26-29 with flowers only being removed.

n The City of Galva is taking applications for summer help. Applications are available at City Hall.

n Third ward alderwoman Bev Everett asked if Galva had an ordinance stating windows could not be boarded up downtown.

Attorney Dan Alcorn was present and will check on the inquiry. Everett said that it "looks tacky."

n First ward alderman Dwren Boston said the city needs to put some "teeth in an ordinance for no one to live in the downstairs of our downtown buildings."

n The city received the following checks — State of Illinois January income tax check $28,478; January motor fuel tax check $5,857; November sales tax $17,850; November local share of state use tax $6,550; and video gaming tax $1,706.

n First ward alderman Jayme Hopping was absent from Monday night’s meeting.