Galva Youth Sports Association hosts Raffle Bash fund-raiser May 12

The Galva Youth Sports Association has a new home for its equipment and big things planned for young athletes participating in their offerings.

“We have big dreams for the youth of Galva, for sure,” said GYSA president Brenda Jeffrey.

With funds raised from last year’s Raffle Bash, the GYSA was able to construct a new storage shed in Galva — located just west of Bell Trucking — for its expanding collection of equipment.

“We stored stuff at the Park District, we stored stuff up at the high school, some of us had stuff in our garage,” Jeffrey said.

“This is something we need. We have so much equipment.”

“As we get bigger and better and get more things going for each of the sports, that just means more things that we need to store.”

The community pitched in to help make the GYSA shed happen. Jeffrey said city officials were helpful in finding a suitable location; Chad Larson, Dustin Williams, Jim Kiley, Jeremy Wood, Steve Bell and Tom Anderson donated concrete work; JMac Metals and Jeremy Wood donated supplies and labor to erect the building; and River Valley Co-op assembled the shelves inside and will help with landscaping outside the building.

“We were able to save a lot of money by having people in the community donate their time to help us out,” Jeffrey said. “It’s kind of been a community effort.”

When the GYSA came into being, baseball and softball were the lone sports offered. Now the association has branched out and offers soccer, basketball, volleyball and flag football for the youth of Galva.

“So of course with all those things comes a lot more equipment, so we kind of needed a place where we could put everything in one spot,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey said 170 youngsters are signed up to play GYSA baseball and softball this summer.

“We’re servicing a lot of kids in the community,” Jeffrey said. “Any kids that don’t have bats or helmets — we provide them.”

Baseball and softball seasons are right around the corner, and so is the GYSA’s next Raffle Bash. The association is hosting this year’s Bash at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 12, at Mary’s Family Dining.

Tickets for the Raffle Bash draw down are $100 each, and Jeffrey said a few tickets still remain for the May 12 event. The event also features live and silent auctions. The GYSA will give away $14,000 that night, and raise another healthy sum of money to tackle the next round of projects. 

This year’s Bash funds will go to the continued upgrade of baseball and softball equipment, new soccer goals and lower fees for families with youngsters competing in GYSA offerings. 

“Our dream is to get to where you just come out and play,” Jeffrey said. “That might be a few years down the road, but we would like to continue to lower those fees.”

For more information on the Raffle Bash, go to the GYSA website ( or the GYSA Facebook page.