Two local companies have teamed to remodel and bring activity back to a longtime Galva building.

 Two local companies have teamed to remodel and bring activity back to a longtime Galva building.

Most recently the home of Community State Bank, the building at 300 Main St. is now occupied by Galva Investment Inc. and GEN Dental Solutions. Galva Investment Inc. is the parent company of Community State Bank and CSB Insurance Services, and GEN Dental Solutions is the parent company of Galva Family Dentistry.

Some work remains with the full remodel — exterior fascia work to be completed this fall and parking lot resurfacing in spring 2019 — but both companies now have personnel in the building.

The building is 5,300 square feet — with 1,200 square feet unfinished — and features eight offices. Other features include an 18-24 seat board room, two reception areas, two employee break rooms and storage. Over the years, the building was the original home to the Galva Armory, along with a car dealership, savings and loan, and two different banks.

n Kevin Yepsen, president and chairman of the board for Galva Investment, Inc., said his transition to the building began last summer. Community State Bank recently announced leadership changes — Tim Nimrick to president and Luke Hawkins to chief executive officer — both positions previously held by Yepsen. The changes allow Yepsen to step away from the daily operations of CSB and focus his efforts at the bank’s holding company level.

“I just felt I wasn’t going to be able to step away from the day-to-day stuff unless I actually got out of the building,” Yepsen said. “Technology has changed so much, whether it’s the computer or phone, it’s no different than if I was sitting at my other desk, just nobody can see me.”

CSB stopped operations in the building in 2012, but former chairman Wilbur Nelson requested the bank hang onto the building for future use.

Yepsen had ideas of buying a building between Kewanee and Galva to centralize CSB’s efforts in those towns, but the 300 Main St. building remained in CSB’s possession and made sense for the transition.

“It really didn’t make sense for us to go buy something when we had something,” Yepsen said.

The current renovations began in March 2017, and Yepsen figured the remodel would be complete in April or May of this year. But Phalen Steel Construction Co. of Mendota — the contractor for all the bank’s projects — was busy with multiple projects and the remodel took longer than anticipated. The new tenants moved into the building Aug. 1.

“We do have plans to fill it with more than me, but right now I’m the only one (with Galva Investment, Inc.) up here every day,” Yepsen said.

Yepsen added Brittney Stewart will have an office in the building for her tax business.

n Three GEN Dental Solutions employees are currently housed in the building — Mike Keup, director of operations; Pam Bates, general manager; and Pam King, clinical coordinator with an emphasis on hygiene components.

GEN Dental Solutions is owned by Drs. Scott Bialobreski and Clint Martin and the company operates seven clinics in Galva, Galesburg, Port Byron, Aledo, Morton and two in Peoria. The company has 76 employees at the seven clinics.

“It’s a beautiful space and we’re proud of it. We were a part of the planning and layout, so for us it made sense,” Keup said of GEN Dental Solutions.

Keup said the move has helped free up space at the Galva Family Dentistry office.

“It really comes down to the growth of Galva Family Dentistry,” Keup said. “It really allows the Galva office to function more like one of the other offices. We were sometimes providing support to them (Galva), at a cost to some of the other offices we were working on.”

Keup said as the company grows and evolves, the 300 Main St. building could become the consolidated home of services that each office provides — for example, insurance billing or clinic scheduling. 

“We’re doing our best to learn about those things and identify which ones make sense for us,” Keup said.

While removed from the Galva Family Dentistry office, Keup said interaction with Drs. Bialobreski and Martin remains vital 

 “We’re fortunate to have really qualified dentists serving our community,” Keup said. “They’re dentists that are not only good in what they do in the clinical component, but they are individuals that really have an interest in Galva and want to keep their business here.”