The Galva School District took another step to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The Galva School District took another step to ensure the safety of students and staff.

At Monday night’s board meeting, district officials announced the purchase of an app called "School Guard." The app will be on tablets mounted in each room in the district buildings. There will be a panic button, 911 button and a teacher alert button.

The panic button will be for an intruder with a gun. It will alert every room, show the area where the intruder is, and call all law enforcement in the area on and off duty.

The 911 only button will be used in case of fire or medical emergency.

The school alert will be for Galva staff only.

This app will be on the tablets with volume turned to the maximum in every room in the buildings. The apps can also go on phones. 

The app costs $750 per building for set up fees to install and $98 each month thereafter.

“School Guard” will be up and running by Nov. 9, according to Superintendent Doug O'Riley.

In other board business Monday night:

n School Resource Officer Ralph Brown spoke to the board.

Brown said his presence is good in the morning at the school doors, and believes he can help students because he has worked on the streets in town for years and knows the family situations that some of these students come from.

"The school is the most positive place they have." Brown said.

Brown can use some of the knowledge he has about the families to get some of these kids help they might need.

He has taken several classes and is in the process of getting all interior and exterior doors numbered. It will save time in emergency situations — for example the ambulance can be told to go to a certain door number. Response time will be quicker.

"Everything is going great. I am very proud to be here." concluded Officer Brown.

"We are moving faster and we are way ahead of other districts."  said Junior-Senior High Principal Jerry Becker on the school safety plans. "Officer Brown has helped us see some of our safety issues."

"I appreciate all the work Officer Brown has done."

n Each board member was given a copy of the school safety plan to read. It was noted the state puts much emphasis on fire safety but not on school shooting safety.  The last student to die in a school fire was in 1958.

n The board will discuss any large projects the district may need to pursue at its next retreat. 

n The board unanimously approved the following employment items — Josh Harris as eighth grade boys basketball coach, Anna Olson as JV girls basketball coach and the resignation of Brandon Owens as JV baseball coach.

No motion was made on approving Greg Putnam as seventh grade boys basketball coach. The search is still on to fill that position.

The district is also looking for a head baseball coach.

n O'Riley said he was approached by a local manufacturer who said their company is looking for students who can do coding. The business person said he would be very interested in hiring for summers, offering full-time positions upon graduation or employment during the school day on a work program.

O'Riley said he was very excited to hear this as students are learning these skills in the STEM class.

n It was noted the district is providing snacks for Pre-K through second grade after a parent brought up at a board meeting that her daughter eats lunch at 11 a.m. and rides the bus until 4 p.m. and has no snack.

Board member Mike Clucas said the snacks issue should be voted on at the November board meeting.

Board member Gary Edmonds said he did not think the snacks issue belonged on the board agenda. Edmonds said snacks should be an administrative decision, and the board should not be involved. Board member Darcy Jeffries agreed with Edmonds, adding a board policy on snacks isn’t needed.

The district is putting the snacks out and the students can take one if they choose and eat during the class time. The district is spending $200 per week on snacks.

n Board Vice President Dr. Jeff Hawes presided over Monday night’s meeting in the absence of President Andrew Larson. Also absent was board member Laura Heinrich.