Public forum Oct. 24 at City Hall to address issues with Galva Park District swimming pool

Some major repair issues face Galva’s swimming pool, and Park District officials want the public’s input.

To hear that input, the Park District is hosting a public forum at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Galva City Hall.

Park District officials outlined the pool issues in a recent post on its Facebook page.

The pool, which is 50 years old, has cracks formed in the half-century old pipes that feed water to the pool. According to the post if the cracks go unrepaired, as much as 12 gallons of water per minute could leak into the ground.

“It’s such a large amount of money that we didn’t want to make a decision unilaterally,” said Park District Board President Katie Laurin-Hopping regarding the repairs and decision to host a forum and invite local residents.

“We definitely want to hear any questions that people might have and let them understand what’s going on,” Laurin-Hopping added.

She said the public forum will give the board an opportunity to outline the possible solutions, and the public a chance to hear from a representative from the company that helped discover the leak and repair issues facing the pool.

“This will be an expensive decision, and one made with local tax dollars,” the Facebook post stated. “How can we spend those dollars best?” The post also states the Park District is seeking financial assistance.

“Our hope is to raise funds from as many generous donors, in as many denominations as is possible. The Galva Park District has numerous expenses outside of the pool’s emergency repair and we need to maintain financial attention to those expenses as well.”

The post said the public’s charitable donations will go toward the Park District’s goal of saving the pool and readying it for another 50 years of use.

“This is a critical moment in the Galva Park District’s history,” the post concluded. “The Galva pool is a cornerstone of not only the Park District, but also the town itself, providing years of fun and memories for countless people. Please help us in doing right by all considered.”

Laurin-Hopping said feedback from the Facebook post and conversations with Galva residents have been “positive” in terms of saving the pool.

“To lose the pool is not something I’m willing to do,” she said.

Laurin-Hopping shared a comment from a fellow board member —  “It’s not the Park District without the pool.”