Running unopposed, Republican Kerry Loncka was elected to his first full term as sheriff of Henry County.

Running unopposed, Republican Kerry Loncka was elected to his first full term as sheriff of Henry County. 

Loncka, a Galva resident, received 16,450 votes in Tuesday’s general election.

Loncka was appointed to fill the unexpired term of retiring sheriff Jim Padilla in July 2017.

Fifty-seven percent of Henry County’s registered voters cast ballots Tuesday — 19,620 of 34,493 voters.

In other county races, incumbent Democrat Barb Link held off Republican challenger Jon Zahm in the battle for clerk/recorder.

Link finished with 10,990 votes and Zahm received 8,372 votes.

In the Henry County Board races, eight Republican incumbents, one Democrat incumbent and one Republican newcomer were elected. 

In District 2 the winners were Republicans Marshall Jones of Kewanee with 4,550 votes, Kelli Parsons of Kewanee with 4,430 votes, Lynn Sutton of Kewanee with 4,250 votes and newcomer Ned Richardson of Galva with 3,915 votes. Democrat Jan May of Kewanee was re-elected with 3,886 votes. Jones, Parsons, Sutton and May were incumbents.

Falling in the District 2 race were incumbent Republican Daniel Ames of Cambridge (3,570 votes), and Democrats John Sovanski of Kewanee (3,592), Ruth Kapacinskas of Kewanee (3,439), Martin Ryan of Kewanee (3,061 votes) and Alan Wendt of Alpha (2,797 votes).

The five winners in the Henry County Board District 1 race were Republicans Jeffery Orton of Geneseo (6.542 votes), Jill Darin of Phenix Township (6,236 votes), Kippy Breeden of Geneseo (6,120 votes), Loren Rathjen of Colona (5,865 votes) and Bill Preston of Geneseo (5,664 votes). Orton, Breeden, Rathjen and Preston were incumbents, and Darin a newcomer.

Henry County Treasurer Tim Wells ran unopposed and received 16,214 votes, and Regional Superintendent of Schools Angela Zarvell also was unopposed and received 15,919 votes.

Jeffrey O’Connor, Mark VandeWiele and Stanley Steines were all retained as judges in the 14 Judicial Circuit.

Incumbent Democrat Cheri Bustos defeated Republican challenger William “Bill” Fawell in the 17th Congressional District race — 139,139 votes for Bustos and 85.959 for Fawell.

Incumbent Republican Illinois State Rep. Dan Swanson of Alpha was unopposed in the 74th District and will return to office. 


Oneida voters end prohibition on liquor

Oneida residents voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to end prohibition on the sale of liquor. Unofficial results were 234 to 66 to end the city’s “dry” era.

Hearing the totals Tuesday night, Mayor Larry Lawson said he wasn’t surprised by the vote total as 180 people signed the petition to get the matter on the ballot.

“It was a good turnout,” Lawson said.

Oneida joins Knoxville, which also voted to allow liquor sales in its city limits several years ago, as possibly the last municipality in Knox County to end the prohibition on liquor sales.

“I think we were one of the last ones, there are still a few” in the state, Lawson said.

The actual question on the ballot read: “Shall the prohibition of the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor be continued in the city of Oneida, Illinois?” Supporters of bringing liquor to the city in the northeast part of Knox County should vote “no” while those wanting the prohibition to continue should vote “yes.”

Voters Tuesday morning said it wasn’t about liquor, but more so about having local options, such as a gas station convenience store being able to reopen.

“I’ve talked to my dad about it a bit and I think it’s a good idea. I don’t think it could hurt” and it could possibly bring businesses here, said Ben Scott, 26, who lives outside of the city.


Also in Knox County

Incumbent Democrat David Clague defeated Republican challenger Kip Canfield in the Knox County Sheriff’s race.

Clague finished with 9,324 votes to 8,042 votes for Canfield.

In the Knox County Board races, Republican Todd Olinger defeated Democrat Brett Villarreal 2,460 votes to 1,475 votes in District 4, and Republican Brian Friedrich defeated Democrat Josh Dean 2,380 votes to 1,475 votes in District 5.

(Robert Connelly, GateHouse Media Illinois, contributed to this story.)