A veteran of Galva city government is jumping into the mayoral race.

A veteran of Galva city government is jumping into the mayoral race.

Doug Anderson, a 21-year Galva City Council member and former Galva Park District superintendent for 20 years, is joining current alderman Rich Volkert in the race to succeed Rich Nordstrom as Galva’s mayor.

Anderson’s platform for the mayor’s office is straight forward.

“My main focus is economic development,” Anderson said. “The main thing we have to do is keep increasing the tax base. As you increase the tax base, a lot of the issues will be solved by themselves. You have to keep working the economic development tools that you have, and look for new ones to give to Dave Dyer (city administrator) to attract businesses and help the businesses that we have here.”

In terms of economic development, Anderson said the city needs to target small manufacturing — places that employ 10 to 30 people. 

“It’s not easy. It will be a lot of hard work, but you have to give the administration the tools to go out and attract people.”

He added the city also has to take care of those already in business in Galva.

“We have to ask the businesses that we have here now, what tools to you need to prosper and are there things we can bring into to town to help support you? You have to reach out to people. The existing businesses are the main focus, but you also have to look outside to see what you have to offer to bring other businesses to town,” Anderson said.

Anderson said he would reach out to more than just potential businesses. He would like to tap into resources throughout the country — former Galva residents that are experiencing professional success elsewhere — and see if some of their ideas could translate into positive developments locally.

“Get your alumni to think about ideas that could help Galva, and something might pop up,” Anderson said, adding that he’s also compiled numerous business and government agency contacts during his work career.

Anderson works at A.C. McCartney in Wataga and currently serves on the Galva Park District board. He’s no stranger to juggling duties inside and outside the work place.

“When you’ve been in management for almost 40 years, you learn to do it,” Anderson said. “You learn to manage your time. I’m not one to micro-manage. You have to learn to delegate and trust the people around you. If they can’t do it, then you find somebody else. One person can’t do it all. You have to surround yourself with good people.”

Other issues Anderson said the city needs to address include the need for fire station expansion and a new truck, marketing the subdivisions in town, condemning and tearing down dilapidated houses, improvements at the waste treatment plant and ongoing street repairs.

“The town has a lot of positive things,” Anderson said, noting the Galva Arts Council, Levitt AMP Galva Music Series and Back Road Music Festival.

“I have the passion — born and raised here. My family had the creamery here for 86 years. I think I have some things to offer and it will be a good challenge.”