The Galva School District will apply for an initiative solar grant.

The Galva School District will apply for an initiative solar grant. 

The grant is in conjunction with several other schools in the state, including Wethersfield. 

The district did not receive the first grant that it applied for. The panels would be mounted on the roof, which would save the life of the roof. The panels could be removed for roof repairs.

In other board action Monday night:

n The board unanimously approved  the tentative tax levy projections. There will be a truth an taxation hearing.

The proposed rate is $4.66 which is up from $4.57 per $100 of assessed valuation. The increase is for the salary of the school resource  officer  and safety issues.

n The Galva school board approved the following personnel items — Mitch Boston as seventh grade boys basketball coach, Whitney Bergen-Olson and Darcy Swanson as girls basketball volunteers, John Moraski as varsity baseball coach and Leslie Rogers as junior high cheerleading volunteer.

n The board entered into a intergovernmental agreement with Stark County to share the Galva track with the Rebels at no charge. The Stark County teams also will practice at Galva’s all-weather track. 

The Stark County district was exploring the possibility of a track similar to Galva's. The only stipulation in the agreement is that their coach or Galva's coach can not give any instruction to members of the team.

n Several students came before the board and asked that Galva get a Clay Target League to do clay target shooting sports as an extra-curricular and co-ed activity in grades 6-12.

The league is the safest sport in high school. There have been no reported injuries since it started in 2001.

Joe Conner and Jeff Burke have volunteered to coach the students. It was noted that clay target shooting is an Olympic sport.

The board will check into the program and will vote at a future meeting.  

Each participant will bring their own firearm and ammunition. The 2019 season is from March to April for five weeks.

n The board approved the district report card which reported a 92 percent graduation rate, 53 percent of district families are low income, Galva's average salary is $44,606, pupil-to-teacher ratio is 21-to-1, student attendance is 95 percent and Galva has 519 students enrolled.

If anyone is interested in the entire report card, log onto the school’s website and click on the link.

n Parent Brandy Funke was present and talked during the parent comment time.

Funke previously attended board meetings and asked for a snack time for the lower grades. She said her daughter in kindergarten ate lunch at 11 a.m. and did not get off the bus until 4 p.m. — noting that’s a long time for a young child not to eat.

The board did approve  a snack, and is even providing the snack for students in kindergarten through second grade.

She thanked the board and said they reported they are spending $200 per week on these, "They must be hungry."

She told the board that it appears everyone on the board seems to work against each other, and it is obvious that the board is divided. She added the board votes no against each other and issues seem to be passed on to the administrators.

Funke added that teachers feel a wall with administrators.  

It got to her that she was labeled the "snack mom" and they hoped to buy "crappy snacks" so it would show that the kids were not that hungry.

 Parents have ideas and the board needs to listen, she added.

"I won't be bullied by this board,” Funke said. 

"Visitation Catholic School in Kewanee has had a 55 percent increase in students and a good portion is from Galva,” she added.

Board President Andrew Larson said she those things  about "snack mom" were never said by the board or an administrator, but he would get to the bottom of the issue.

n The board heard the results of the audit by a representative of  Gorenz and Associates.

n Several board members gave reports on their trip last weekend to the school board conference in Chicago.

n  Board members Dr. Jeff Hawes and Laura Heinrich were absent from Monday night’s meeting.

n The Galva School Board will meet in special session on Monday, Nov. 26, at 7 p.m. for an expulsion hearing.  

The hearing will be in closed session.