The Galva School Board seated a new board member at Monday night’s meeting.

The Galva School Board seated a new board member at Monday night’s meeting.

The board accepted the resignation of Laura Heinrich, and Terri Jo Todd was sworn in as Heinrich’s replacement.

In addition to the January meeting, Todd will serve on the board for the February and March meetings. She will not be on the ballot for the April election.

Todd has served previously on the board.

In other board business:

n The area building trades classes are looking into building two senior houses in the City of Galva's subdivision just north of Courtyard Estates. 

The building trades classes had a project lined up this year, but it fell through. There is also another project in one of the other towns that is being considered. The class consists of students from several area school districts and is taught by Galva teacher Ron Peterson.

n Superintendent Doug O'Riley reported that the Galva district has a new School Guard app installed on the facility's phones. 

All staff members have to do is push a button and help is on the way. One button is for all area law enforcement and other ones are for school personnel that are needed immediately. The app will show exact location. 

O'Riley said all employees have School Guard on their phones, except about six who were not "comfortable" with the app.

n Another new program is being established for students who "See Something, Say Something."  

There will be a form online for someone that sees something that they feel the need to report.

n Kurtis Smyth, the dean of students and athletic director, gave a presentation on the Galva Junior High School team. 

Joining Smyth on the team are Krista Loncka, Adam Norway, Jeremy Painter, Rachel Remmert, Kristine Sullens and Principal Joe Becker. Smyth gave some changes on the program from 2017-18 to 2018-19, and outlined the team’s goals — prepare eighth grade students for high school and to be on track as a freshman; focus on specific junior high students that struggle in the areas of academics, social behavior, discipline, attendance and organization; establish strong relationships with the students; help students to become high-character individuals; and allow for common planning time for the core junior high teachers.

Smyth said they keep track of the progress, attendance and grades of each student. If a student shows concerns, a staff member will talk to the student and maybe have lunch with them. There are many awards for students who make improvements.

n The board approved to allow service credit for military service for employees. The employee would be allowed to pay for time serviced into IMRF.

n The board approved the Galva High School trap shooting team. 

The team will be on a two-year trial. Anyone on the team must have a parent or guardian sign a paper that they have been informed there is no supplementary health insurance coverage through the district.

n The Galva district is going to explore some options with BHC on several more classes. There are no business classes at GHS after the retirement of Shirley Hertz.

n The board approved an engagement letter with Gorenz and Associates for their yearly audit.

n The board approved a resolution to utilize the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order in the district.

n The board went into closed session to discuss with a parent a specific student instructional issue, review suspensions, superintendent evaluation and employment.

n Board members Darcy Jeffries and Gary Edmonds were absent from Monday night’s meeting.