Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson


Occupation — Service manager, A.C. McCartney, Wataga

Previous political experience — 21 years on the Galva City Council. Currently on the Galva Park District Board.

Why do you want to serve as Galva’s mayor?

As a lifelong Galva resident, I want to enhance Galva’s tax base. Adding new homes while working with our existing businesses to expand and new companies to locate in Galva will allow me to lower the tax burden on our residents and our business community. 

Also, increasing the EAV (Equalized Assessed Value) of Galva will make it much easier to keep up with our infrastructure needs.

What challenges do you believe the City of Galva faces? How would you work to solve those issues?

Due to decreasing MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) proceeds, one of the challenges we have is maintaining our roads. I will make sure the city continues to systematically attack our road issues until we can claim that we have the best roads in the county. 

Another significant challenge is the poor business climate in Illinois. Rather than bemoaning that climate, I will be seeking local and creative ways to overcome it so that our schools and merchants can prosper. 

Specifically, I will make sure Galva has a seat at the table by reaching out to our downstate legislators to protest unfunded mandates and onerous regulations which increase costs and inhibit growth.

What do you believe are Galva’s primary strengths, and what would you do to enhance those strengths?

Currently, the City of Galva has a terrific manufacturing base, educational base and is rapidly becoming known as a destination for entertainment. 

Additionally, while others decry the demise of volunteerism, Galva continues to lead the way with clubs and organizations from the American Legion to the Chamber of Commerce, from Senior Citizens to Rotarians, and everyone in between, and I will explore how the city can support these groups. 

I want to assist our local manufacturers to expand by taking advantage of economic development tools at the city’s disposal, to include TIF districts while working with our neighbor to the east and the county board to explore all available options under the new Enterprise Zone. Because more visitors means more money spent locally, I will provide support to the Back Road Music Festival, Levitt AMP Galva Music Series, Freedom Fest and the Arts Council to take Galva from an entertainment venue to a full-fledged entertainment capital.

The state underfunds our schools, so it is imperative that we increase the flow of local money by supporting economic development district-wide, which includes wind power and may soon include solar. As a proponent of work with our schools, to include Black Hawk College, I support the development of dual-credit classes and a healthy trades program.

If elected mayor, what project/issue would be at the top of your list to address?

Cleaning up the town will be a priority in an Anderson administration. We already have the laws on the books, and I will use them to rid the town of dilapidated and abandoned properties.

Another immediate goal will be helping our fire department secure much-needed space in which to operate. 

I am a champion of economic development and will begin immediately the task of supporting and encouraging the growth of our business community while luring new business to the city. 

I love Galva and humbly ask for your vote and your support.