Rich Volkert

Rich Volkert


Occupation — Retired from John Deere Harvester

Previous political experience — City Treasurer three years, Alderman two years, School Board five years and Galva Fire Department 28 years.

Why do you want to serve as Galva's mayor?

I have the time, enthusiasm and concern for Galva to commit to helping lead it forward.  

I believe that promoting and selling Galva every single day is our biggest challenge and the mayor should be the leader of that effort. The mayoral position is a fulltime job and I have the time and concern to do it.

What challenges do you believe the City of Galva faces? How would you work to solve those issues?

The three biggest challenges we face are a deteriorating downtown, attracting jobs and getting the community to work together to solve the first two issues.

We need to support the businesses we already have and as a government ask them how we can help. 

The mayor and city manager need to meet with each current business and manufacturer at least twice a year. Then we need to help them solve their problems and sell our businesses to outside groups.

What do you believe are Galva's primary strengths, and what would you do to enhance those strengths?

Galva has a great manufacturing base and we need to help these companies grow and expand. We need to support our excellent school system by working together to promote both entities.

Galva also has a great volunteer spirit! Much of our recent community activities and progress have come out of groups like Ready to Grow, Levitt AMP Music, Galva Freedom Fest, Back Road Music Festival and other volunteer organizations.

The city needs to continue supporting these organizations and develop new ideas to move Galva forward.

If elected mayor, what project/issue would be at the top of your list to address?

Galva has started to turn the corner on improving our downtown, streets, and business community. My next step would be to look at saving some of our downtown buildings and try to occupy them with new business, as well as working to support our present occupants. Local business only thrives when it is supported by local people.

I can only promise that as mayor I will work to promote and sell Galva to the best of my ability, for the benefit of everyone in the community, everyday.