The Illinois Gymnastics Club of Olney competed at Southern Illinois USTA Tumbling and Trampoline State Competition at Springfield, IL on April 27 & 28. The team brought home 27 first place State Champions, 17 second places, 18 third, 13 fourth places, 6 fifth places, 6 sixth places, 3 seventh places, 3 eighth places, 4 ninth places, 0 tenth places, 1 eleventh places, 1 twelveth places,1 thirteenth place, 1 fifteenth, 2 eighteenth place, 3 nineteenth places, 1 twenty place,  2  twenty one places, 2 twenty-two places 1 twent-fifth place. The team competed against 45 other teams and took the first place overall State Champion Title.  
This is the Seventh year in a row that the Illinois Gymnastics Club has gone undefeated in invitational competitions and earned the State Champion Titles. The State competition is the qualifier for the USTA National Competition held in Charleston, WV in June. Each athlete must be in the top 15 of their divisions to qualify for Nationals.  
Five members of the Illinois Gymnastics Club team are members of the USTA National Team.  Denver Doan and Madison Bahl are on the United States Elite National Team which is the highest level in competition and Madison Farmer, Lily Stevens, and Kinsler Beabout are on the United States All-Star National Team. The team members had to compete against teams across the nation to earn a spot on these prestigious teams.  The 5 members will be seen performing during the Parade of Champions Ceremony at the USTA Nationals in Charleston, WV in June. The team is coached by Haley Smith, Chary Wilson, Jessica Bahl, Courtney Roche, Denver Doan and owners Kelly Henby and Donna Henby.
Here are the individual results:
State Champions:
Brody Roche trampoline
Brasyn Roche     trampoline, double mini
Kinsler Beabout trampoline, double mini, tumbling
Bella Stevens    trampoline
Beau Stevens    tumbling
Riley Moore    trampoline, Tumbling
Briley Wilson    trampoline, double mini
Lily Stevens    double mini,  tumbling
Brooklyn Gaither trampoline, double mini
Ava Greifzu    trampoline
Megan Gallagher trampoline, tumbling
Naleigha Harrison trampoline
Kaylie Ginder     double mini, tumbling
Kenley Farmer     double mini
Erica Allen tumbling
Lily Yager tumbling
Madison Farmer tumbling
2nd place finishers
Bailee Bishop     tumbling
Paisely Paddock trampoline
Lily Stevens    trampoline
Madison Farmer trampoline, double mini
Beau Stevens     trampoline
Izzy Hayes    trampoline
Emilee Geier     double mini, tumbling
Amber Crowe double mini
Beau Stevens     double mini
Madison Bahl     tumbling
Leah Weber    tumbling
Jenna Neil     tumbling
Brittney Thomas tumbling
Ava Greifzu    tumbling
Siena Falcone tumbling
3rd place finishers:
Brittney Thomas trampoline, double mini
Kaylie Ginder trampoline
Madison Bahl     trampoline
Leah Weber    trampoline
Tiann Shipman trampoline
Emilee Geier     trampoline
Erica Allen    trampoline
Hendrix Miller trampoline, double mini
Remi Moore    trampoline, double mini
Amber Crowe trampoline
Leah Weber    double mini
Megan Gallagher double mini
Madyson Dixon double mini
Brody Roche    double mini
Willow Roberts double mini
4th place finishers:
Jenna Neil trampoline, double mini
Riley Moore double mini
Kenley Farmer trampoline, tumbling
Grace Miller    trampoline
Madison Bahl     double mini
Maddie Lewis     double mini
Erica Allen    double mini
Alaca Roche    double mini
Izzy Hayes    double mini
Bailee Bishop     double mini
Naleigha Harrison tumbling
Bella Stevens     tumbling
5th place finishers:
Lauryn Crowe double mini
Grace Miller    double mini
Lily Yager    double mini
Siena Falcone double mini
Izzy Hayes tumbling
Hendrix Miller tumbling
6th place finishers:
Sutton Helm    tumbling
Madyson Dixon trampoline
Kaylie Ritter trampoline
Lily Yager trampoline
Willow Roberts trampoline
Lauryn Crowe    tumbling
7th place finishers:
Siena Falcone    trampoline
Kaylie Ritter tumbling
Remi Moore tumbling
8th place finishers:
Naleigha Harrison double mini
Ava Greifzu    double mini
Tiann Shipman tumbling
9th place finishers:
Alaca Roche    trampoline
Kaylie Ritter    double mini
Paisley Paddock double mini
Briley Wilson     tumbling
11th place finishers:
Tiann Shipman     double mini
12th place finishers:
Bailee Bishop     trampoline
13th place finishers:
Bella Stevens     double mini
15th place finishers:        
Ralynn Shipman trampoline    
18th place finishers:
Phoebe Miller trampoline
Sutton Helm
19th place finishers:
Lauryn Crowe trampoline
Ralynn Shipman double mini
Phoebe Miller tumbling
20th Place finisher:
Sutton Helm trampoline
21st place finishers:    
Maddie Lewis     trampoline    
22nd place finishers:
Grace Miller tumbling
Phoebe Miller    double mini        
25th place finisher:
Amber Crowe    tumbling
The Illinois Gymnastics Club offers Competitive tumbling, recreational tumbling, competitive dance classes, recreational dance classes, tap ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, baton twirling, Martial Arts, personal fitness training and Birthday Parties. The lllinois Gymnastics Competition tumbling / trampoline team is now accepting new competitors for the next season. Ages for the team is 3 years old and up.   Anyone interested in signing up for Summer classes of dance, tumbling or martial arts at the Illinois Gymnastics Club may do so now by calling 618-395-1501 or 618 -395-1735.