Galva's Eighth Grade Promotion was held Thursday at the Galva Jr/Sr High School gym with 32 students promoted.

The welcome was given by Liberty Anderson, the pledge of allegiance led by Alexia Stone, and the closing remarks by Olivia Jones.

Comments were made to the class from two of the Galva High School valedictorians who had siblings in the eighth-grade class, Gunner Spivey and Emilyann Wexell.

Special moments were given by Michaela Hudson, Sarah Kocan, Paige Wexell and Kali Yelm.

Those students receiving the Presidentual Academic Excellence/Achievement Awards were: Liberty Anderson, Trevor Baulch, Kayla Bloom, Ashton Cramer, Jacson Cromien, Michaela Hudson, Olivia Jones, Sarah Kaiser, Sarah Kocan, Courtney Loncka, Jaxson Meier, Jett Olson, Mackenzie Piester, Jonas Porsche, Carolyn Raley, Nathan Robinson, Alexis Spivey, Alexia Stone, Paige Wexell, and Kali Yelm.

Other students in the class are: Drew DeMay, Colin Elgin, Jessica Evans, Hayley Gibbs, Taylor Haga, Bailey Karnes, Baila King, Baylee Lucas, Hunter McDonald, Hailey Schoutteet, Jaxson Willer, and Jaden Wilson.

Principal Jerry Becker presented the promotional certificates.

The 7th graders who were the color bearers were John Gravitt and Jared O'Brien. The 7th grade ushers were Kyrsten Hill, Summit Ouart, Andrew Mille and Jennaca Serres.

The honor marshal was Mia Merkel.