MACOMB — Elms Administrator Tim Bledsoe told county board members Tuesday that there will be an increase in physical therapy and patient assessments.
He said he has negotiated the additional work with Encore, the provider of rehabilitation services at the county residential facility.
Bledsoe told the board's building and grounds committee that "aggressive therapy" is important for physical skills retraining. "We have good therapists," he said, "and we want to increase the range of our therapy program."
The administrator said the quality of rehabilitation therapy would also help revenues. "We'll get a higher return on Medicare A with this concentration," Bledsoe said. "We're also working to capture more Medicare B dollars."
Bledsoe added that he wants to add more speech therapy to rehabilitation options. He reported that there are currently 76 residents at The Elms after 14 returned to their homes at the end of May.
The administrator said 10 people are having their residencies paid through Medicare, 44 through Medicaid, and 22 have private payment accounts. Bledsoe said The Elms is currently owed $150,000 in federal Medicare reimbursements and $523,000 in state Medicaid reimbursements.
Bledsoe also told the committee that he is paying a $150 per year licensing fee to the Motion Picture Association of America after finding out that nursing homes lost their exemption to show movies free of charge in 2016. "The fee is fairly reasonable," he said.
The Elms provides movies for residents on Sundays and Thursdays. Bledsoe said there may be an outdoor movie shown this summer.
In other business, County Maintenance Director Allen Sheffler told the committee that a water leak was discovered in the McDonough County Courthouse last Friday and was repaired over the weekend, He said a dead tree was removed from the northwest side of the courthouse lawn last week.
Sheffler said Macomb City Forester Skip Bowles removed the tree and will plant a replacement. He also reported that work release inmates from the McDonough County Jail waxed and polished the courthouse floors.

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