Hand sanitizer is being made in Galva with production beginning this week. Global Impact Invocation of Naperville  and Big River Resources of Galva have began their trial batches this week and hope to be in full operation  next week. The production will be ran 24 hours a day and go 7 days a week according to Anil Oroskar, PhD, CTO of the company which has been in Naperville 25 years.

Dr. OrosKar credits City Administrator David Dyer for helping to get things set up. The city expediting licensing and permitting to make this possible. “There is such a great need now for sanitizer.” stated Dr. Oroskar.

Last week, there were engineers and scientists at the Galva plant getting all of the equipment ready for production. “Galva’s plant was large enough to set  up to help people who are in need of sanitizers to help combat the pandemic.” Dr. Oroskar said.

This will also benefit the farmer as they sell the corn to the plant for production of Ethanol. Ethanol will be a key ingredient in the sanitizer and well as offer new good paying jobs in Galva.

The sanitizer will be put into  55 gallon barrels and shipped all over the United States where it will be used for hospitals, retailers and government institutions. The process is FDA approved. Several batches were being made Monday finalizing the approvals.

“There is so much need for this. I am so glad we are here.” stated  Dr. Oroskar. He said this will be affordable and it is” hard for everyone to fight this pandamic with no saniztizers and cleaning products that are in such short supply.”

When this gets into full production, they expect to hire 30-40 workers. Dr. Oroskar said the plant hopes to get 500 barrels a day out. The product will go to distribution centers where it can have additives such as aloe, scents etc added to it and bottled according to  Dr. Oroskar.

Interviews are being conducted this week in Galva for more workers and then their training will begin.

Many have teamed together to make this possible, Rep. Darin  LaHood,  Senator Chuck Weaver, Trump Administration, Alcohol and Trade Bureau under the treasurer to expedite ad get waivers approved in a matter of days.

Dr. Oroskar said people will be using a lot more sanitizers in the future after being through this pandemic.