Taylor Kimball
Parents: Mark and Michelle Kimball, Orion
Food: Potatoes
Movie: "Friday Night Lights"
School lunch: Chicken nuggets
Song that gets you fired up: Any parody by Olivia Farwell (another Orion girls basketball player)
Taylor Kimball is a senior at Orion High School and played girls basketball for four years. She also played volleyball for three years (freshman through junior years) and soccer during freshman year. She is "kinda" out for track this spring, getting in one meet as a sprinter and long jumper before school was suspended for the coronavirus pandemic.
Her favorite memory as a Charger is playing powder puff football.
Kimball said her funniest memory as a Charger is "when Riley Filler apologized to me after throwing the basketball over my head and said, "Sorry, I forgot you're little."
Biology teacher Heather Stannke is the teacher who had the most influence on her.
Her advice to freshmen is "Enjoy it while it lasts. You never know when a pandemic will come along and take it all away from you."
Kimball is on the high honor roll and belongs to National Honors Society.
As a senior, she is on Student Council and Executive Council, and as a junior she was in journalism.
After graduation, she plans to major in accounting and minor in data analytics at Augustana College, Rock Island.