Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my support for Justin Lundgren for Sheriff. I hope a majority of residents of McDonough County will come out in March to support Justin.
Justin is a lifelong resident of McDonough County. He has dedicated his career (24 years) to the Sheriff’s Office, and has served in every capacity in the office except Sheriff. He will use that experience to serve our county well. Please visit or search for him on Facebook to see all of his accomplishments and experience.
While I appreciate the heartwarming family story shared in a recent letter regarding his opponent, voters should consider that Justin has twice the amount of actual law enforcement experience. I believe that actual law enforcement experience is what matters when selecting our next Sheriff.
I believe the residents of our county deserve a Sheriff with the most experience of any candidate, who has served under and learned from 3 fine Sheriffs, including the great John Bliven, and who will be a working Sheriff that is available at any time and whose door will always be open. A Sheriff who has dedicated his life to this county, who knows it well, and who cares deeply for it and its residents. The best candidate for McDonough County Sheriff is Justin Lundgren.
Thank you,

Mark Clark